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Danny, Dongseok, and Jessica, three Koreans who ended up living in the US for different reasons.

The first-ever K-Sitcom born in the USA!

Dongseok and Jessica, after going through various twists and turns, quickly move in when they see an ad posted by Danny looking for a roommate. Despite being Korean individuals in the same land, they are incredibly different – not just in personality but also in the time spent in the US, their past experiences, and the paths they envision for their future! This sitcom provides a glimpse into the diverse situations that anyone who has come from overseas to the US can encounter and feel, through the unique perspectives of Dongseok, Jessica, and Danny, immigrants with different backgrounds.


"On the outside, he appears to be a second-generation Korean American, but inside, he still retains his Korean identity!"

Danny, born in Korea and immigrated to the US at the age of 6, is a 31-year-old son of a renowned K-BBQ restaurant owner in Koreatown. As Danny encounters his new roommates, He plays a positive role and unfold new events together!


"The 1.5 generation full of confidence, living her own way regardless of circumstances."

Jessica, who immigrated to the United States at the age of 14, embodies the strong personality of Generation Z. She is fluent in English and Korean. However, she does not seem to belong to either Korea or America. She represents a strong newcomer living life in her own unique way.

Dong Seok

"A FOB Dongseok, Everything Still New to Him"

Dongseok, who was known as the "overachiever" back in Korea, sets foot in the US as an international student, dreaming of a better future. However, upon arrival, he quickly realizes that living in the US is not as easy as it seems.

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